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Eye Test Glasses


Treatment is available for the following list of insurance providers:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Care Credit

Eye Med

Health Choice

Medicaid (SoonerCare)


Primary Vision Care Services


Vision Service Plan

If you have a medical diagnosis, such as glaucoma, allergies, diabetes, dry eyes, cataracts,  or other medical conditions, your medical insurance could possibly cover your exam. 

Call to inquire about other insurances.  

(580) 355-3036

Transparent pricing policy

We offer a variety of eye health services that vary in price depending on the service. Below, you will find the price for all of the common services provided at our clinic. When it comes to medical insurance, however, we are not always aware of what insurance companies will cover, due to it depending on variables at the insurance provider. We will, however, do our best to give you an accurate estimate when and where possible. Below are the prices charged to insurance for the purposes of reimbursement, but do not reflect the amount we are actually reimbursed. We allow a discount to people who pay at time of service and do not require a filing of insurance. This is commonly referred to as a "cash" discount but can be paid by credit or debit card as well. The "insurance billing" is not your cost/copay if you have insurance. That amount is determined by your insurance provider. Some insurance providers we are aware of what the cost is, some we have to file and see what is reimbursed because they are not able to provide the cost until billing is filed. We realize that the below prices are incredibly confusing in some instances. Please call us if you have any questions.

New Patients


Cash or Time of service pay:

Insurance billing:

  • Full Exam

  • Intermediate Exam

  • Medical Visit Level 2

  • Medical Visit Level 3

  • Medical Visit Level 4

  • $110

  • $84

  • $69

  • $107

  • $160

  • $142

  • Same as cash

  • Same as cash

  • Same as cash

  • Same as cash

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